Construction & Buildings Overview

At NanoPhyll, we understand that operational efficiency is key to your business. That is why we developed several innovative products for the construction sector. Our products help you save time and reduce cost by eliminating form release and enabling multiple reuses of formwork while reducing the consumption of materials and extending the life of your assets. Our award winning coating is easily applied and makes your crews more efficient due to its easy stripping properties and the clean concrete surface it produces. Currently, we offer products for formwork, concrete handling equipment, and finished structure protection.


Our SuReleaseTM nano 950 permanent form release coating is a highly durable solution that enables the multiple reuse of forms without reapplication with one coat normally lasting the life of the formply. No effort is required to strip with forms usually just falling away leaving a concrete finish that is dust free and ready to paint or tile if desired. The coating can be spray, brush or roll applied and the protection it offers extends the life of the plywood.

Our SurFormTM nano 950 pre-coated formply is ready to use on your jobsite. It eliminates the need for form release and can be cut and nailed without chipping. No effort is required to strip with forms usually just falling away leaving an architectural ready surface finish that is dust free and can be painted or tiled if desired.

Concrete Handling Equipment and Machinery

Cleaning concrete aggregates from machinery and equipment surfaces requires aggressive or frequent washing resulting in high wear and corrosion. Our SurCleanTM nano 950 offers an easy-to-apply protective coating on equipment and formwork frames. Concrete washes off with almost no effort as it is prevented by the coating from attaching to the protected surface. Clean-up is safe, fast and easy and the need for acids or harsh cleaners to remove concrete and dirt is eliminated. This results in lower operating and maintenance costs to keep equipment in optimal working condition and extended asset life.

Anti-Graffiti Solution For Infrastructure

Our EasyCleanTM Anti Graffiti nanocomposite coating discourages graffiti application as both paint and permanent marker just bead up on the surface. If graffiti has been applied it is very easy to clean with a cloth or by pressure washing. Our coating solution is not sacrificial in nature and can last several cleaning cycles. Moreover, it is highly durable and protects the underlying paint and structure from water, air pollution, and harmful UV light. Overall, our EasyCleanTM Anti Graffiti solution extends the life of the coated structure or paint and reduces operational and maintenance costs by up to 75%.